At the end of a busy day sat behind a desk or at the wheel of a car what could be nicer than to meet your coach in the fresh air for a 1 to 1 session?

A change of scenery will give you a different perspective and will benefit the way you think about situations and enhance the coaching experience.

Getting away from your familiar surroundings and distractions will enable you to focus and develop thoughts more easily.  

Research studies have shown that spending even a short time enjoying our natural surroundings enhances both our mental and physical well-being, allowing us to relax, think more clearing and reducing stress and anxiety.

We can arrange to meet in the Great British outdoors and will take a leisurely stroll where we can chat about your development needs, whilst enjoying our natural surrounds.

Ending this unique experience we will sit down with cuppa, allowing us the opportunity to review your session and write down your thoughts, notes and actions.