Don’t just take our word for it!

‘Coaching helped me to recognise grey areas and provided focus for me. Vicki is professional and understands how to meet the requirements of the interviewers in the corporate world.

As a coach she is very encouraging, with empathy and a friendly rapport.

I give the credit of my subsequent interview success to Vicki and I strongly recommend her services for the interview guidance and preparations. Superstar!’

Retail Manager (Ex-Army)

‘Coaching has given me the support I needed to achieve my goals.  It has given me the drive, focus, desire and confidence and has made a positive impact on me achieving my goals. The setting of goals enabled me to work out realistically and more clearly the steps I needed to take to practically and mentally move forward from the situation I was in.’

Veterinary Team Leader

‘Vicki coached me on a variety of subjects and has made a significant difference to my work and business activities.  She has a talent for asking powerful, thought provoking questions that demand different thinking.
Each time we spoke she was able to help me create a realistic list of actions that had clarity, and allowed me to commit myself comfortably, resulting in very different outcomes in a number of areas.’

Business Owner

‘The coaching sessions with Vicki have helped me to grow and work through my challenges. Her style of compassion, caring and understanding whilst being challenging, has enabled me to become more self-aware.’

Charity Sector Employee

‘I had a few ideas of things that I wanted to achieve but they were just thoughts and I had no clear idea of how go to about making them happen.  The coaching sessions made me think seriously about the things that are important for me to achieve.
As a result of the coaching sessions with Vicki, I have already fulfilled some of my goals and have strategic plans in place to work towards the remainder of my current goals.’


‘With her empathetic and professional approach, Vicki tailors her coaching support to each individual so they can quickly recognise and appreciate their own strengths, focus on their goals and develop personal strategies for achieving them”.

HR Manager