Ebb and Flow understand that when you feel a bit overwhelmed what you need is to have a chat with someone who won’t judge or give you advice, but who will listen, ask questions and help you to understand your situation and plan for a positive outcome.

Our values include respect, honesty, trust and enthusiasm.  We build friendly and open partnerships creating a non-judgemental and comfortable coaching environment.  This enables you to relax, focus, think ideas through, consider options and speak openly. 

During our initial chat, we will clarify that a coach is what you need. Sometimes, another professional intervention might better suit your situation.

We will then discuss the fees and how your sessions will take place. Coaching conversations can take place face-to-face, but with our busy lives that may not always be possible, so Facetime, Skype or simply over the phone can work just as well for our clients when the need arises. 

When and where your sessions take place is for us to decide and agree. So is the quantity, length and frequency of your sessions.

We believe in you.  

Helping you find your flow.