BFRS Aldershot – A Great day

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Earlier this month I attended the Aldershot BFRS career fair. Having had new flyers printed and branded pens produced, I packed up the car and headed south. After an overnight stop in a soulless Travelodge (I know how to live!) I arrived on site at the Garrison Sports Centre. I had always know that Aldershot was ‘the Army’ but didn’t expect quite how large this garrison town was and that ALL of Aldershot is the British Army.

A quick set up and the event opening speech from Dominic Hamberg, Ops Manager at BFRS and we were ready for a day of meeting and chatting to service personnel ready to embark upon or already going through their resettlement phase.

I meet and spoke to some great people, many of whom were nearing the end of their Army career and beginning to think about what it was they were or wanted to do next in civvy street. Explaining how coaching would support them through their planning for a successful transition and beyond in to their civilian career. Not forgetting the support it would give their spouses, who often forgotten, equally endure the uncertainty and upheaval of their military partner leaving the forces.

I hope that I can work with and support just a few of the people I met in Aldershot and that they all achieve positive and proactive resettlements from combat to corporate.

You will be able to catch up with me at the Tidworth BFRS career fair in September, but under a different guise and I’ll be making an exciting announcement about the very soon! So, keep reading!

Everyone loves a sweet!
Some of the great people I met
I full flow! Explaining the benefits for Military coaching through resettlement